Private Events

Escape Game is fast becoming the number one destination for Corporate and Team Building Activities!

What Makes Us Different?

Team building by its very nature should consist of an activity in which people work together to achieve a common goal, and in doing so, bond, strengthen their relationships, and improve communication and teamwork.
What sets us apart from other types of team building is that your staff will be able to accomplish all of the outcomes described above, but without any special skills required (bowling, cooking, ice sculpting, hiking), and employees with disabilities, such as those confined to a wheelchair, can participate in our escape rooms
At our year-round, indoor, air conditioned facility, you will find a refreshing departure from the ordinary when you discover that escape rooms require no physical fitness ability, and require only your team, their minds, and their ability to work together toward a common goal. At our location, we can accommodate teams of 10-65 players simultaneously. Nobody has to wait for another game to finish.

Who Is Our Target Audience?

Our audience is any business or private entity seeking a refreshing twist on a team building and bonding exercise that is:
* Fun
* Affordable ($25 per person)
* Playable by anyone of any age (8 and older)
* Playable regardless of fitness level
* Flexible hours
* Suitable for your busy schedule(1-3 hour events available)

What Do We Deliver?

Your staff will be thrown into a timed, live adventure game. They will be forced to communicate, organize and succeed together among noise, chaos and the pressure of a ticking clock.
Using only their wits, the clues we give them and each other, they will accomplish the common goal of problem solving and enjoying the victory of success all while working in an environment of both excitement and stress. They will be challenged, but they will be having fun, too. People learn and grow faster when they are having fun.

What Will You Walk Away With?

Seven key take-aways. Your team will:
1) Develop better communication and listening skills
2) Understand when to come together and when to divide and conquer
3) Figure out how to achieve goals under stress, pressure and a deadline
4) Learn when to ask for direction and guidance
5) Overcome petty differences for the common goal
6) Bond, build morale and encourage each other
7) Learn about themselves and each other through teamwork.

To book a private event or to learn more, please contact at or call 214-501-0445 for availability.