Got questions about our Euless escape rooms? Check out our FAQ!

Are the games frustrating or hard?

We’ve curated these fun group activities in Euless experiences to be playable by young and old, as few people as two and as many as 10. We’ve designed our rooms to be cleverly clued, pleasantly puzzled, and satisfying to solve. While it’s not a guarantee that your party will win, you won’t need any hidden talents—just quick thinking and ingenuity.

Am I REALLY locked inside this room?!

No! For emergency reasons, you can always leave the room when you want. We want your visit to be a pleasant experience with everyone’s safety clearly in mind. At our Euless location, our escape room puzzles Our games are based on missions. Meet goals, find clues, and complete tasks before the hour is up.

Are all rooms private?

Yes, ever since the COVID 19 pandemic, we have decided to make each reservation private. If you need us to add more people to your reservation, please go to the bottom of our home page and send us a message. We will then make it open for more people to join that specific game and time.

Are there age restrictions?

No, there are no age restrictions for our fun group activities in Euless! However, one responsible adult must participate in each event. Regular pricing will apply for each person.

Can I have a refund?

All bookings are final. If you need to cancel a booking, we’re unable to provide refunds. However, if you give us a call 24 hours before your reservation is scheduled to begin, we can reschedule you for another date if you have purchased re-scheduling insurance.

How do I use the Groupon Promo Code?

When you purchase the Groupon and receive the Groupon code, you will enter it near the end of your reservation on the payment page. Enter the Groupon code where it says PROMO and your balance will go to zero (if you don’t have re-schedule insurance). If you have multiple Groupons, please go to the bottom of  our home page and write us a message.

Do you have a Party Room or Place to eat inside your building?

At this time, we do not have a party room area for opening presents, cutting cake, eating, etc. We prefer to use all of our available rooms for new and different games.

How much time will I spend?

In total, 1 hour and 20 minutes is a safe estimate for your full experience. The play length of each of our escape room puzzles in Euless game is 60 minutes. We do also ask that you arrive 15 minutes ahead of time so we can provide instructions. You may also want to take 5 minutes for a group photo and to ask questions at the end.

How do I reserve a private or corporate event?

Please go to the bottom of our home page and send us a message about availability. If we have enough staff, we can even accommodate you before our normal operating hours. Our Euless team will ensure that your group activity is special for your event!