Instantly Transform Any Space into an Engaging Escape Room. Order an Escape Room in a Box From Us!

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Ready-to-print Escape Room Kits that empower you to throw a party in minutes. All the fun. None of the work.

Printable Escape Puzzles

A Room + Printer is All You Need

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No More Bored Guest Sitting Around

Printable Escape Puzzles

Secret Weapon For Any Party Or Group

Don’t let just another ordinary party slip by…

Many people are turning up to parties feeling awkward – looking at their phones, engaging in mindless chit chats, putting up with crap food, standing around bored…
Why not let the people make the most out of the occasion and actually have some FUN? The printable escape room puzzle in a box by Lock Paper Scissors will bring back the FUN people are desperately craving and help you create memories that everyone will remember for life!